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Kept on Campus
Broadcasts on the Third Saturday of each month
@ 10:00 am EST

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What is Kept on Campus?
Kept on Campus is a ministry broadcast that serves as a monthly forum for people to tune in and discuss what's going on in our campuses, both physically and spiritually. Broadcast will air monthly on the third Saturday of each month at 10 AM EST! Tune in encourage others, as well as talk about whats happening on your campus, in your community or your life.

The Hosts:
If you tuned into KOC before, you may know one of the hosts, but with the return a lot is new including the fact that we have a new Co-host, Quinton Lewis. Quinton Currently attends High school in which he leads a Friday morning Bible study under the title LIMITLESS. He has been leading and teaching in this Bible study for the past three years. he has actively been involved with trying to help others to see their personal worth in the world, and also to show them how to find their worth through God. He tries to live every day to it's fullest by never taking life for granted because with the life he has, he wants to leave a positive impact.

Winston T. Lewis III returns as well as host and co-producer for the broadcast as a 3rd year Western Michigan University, computer engineer with aspirations of promoting positivity and good lessons through the use of digital media. Currently an active member of the Intervarsity Immerse chapter at WMU, he seeks to see the Holy Spirit over flow on Western's campus

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Also if you have any stories you'd like to share, or questions to ask, you can send an email to:

Coming soon will also be a twitter page, where we will have constant status updates on awesome things that are going on in God's kingdom.

Upcoming Broadcast:  11/16/13  
To Listen Live or to the archive, "click" on the title link below.  To call in while the broadcast is live, call (914) 803-4491 and press (1) to speak with the hosts.

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Ides Of March
The 15th of March was characterized in ancient Rome as the Ides Of March, a day that fell on the middle of the month. Traditionally many celebrations and festivities were had during this time, most hedonistic and carnal in nature. Most celebrations culminated in a sacrifice to the roman pantheon (the Roman gods) who were just as fallible and corrupt in nature. So in dishonor of this ancient tradition, we are going to discuss what true and righteous sacrifice is to a true and infallible God.

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