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Kingdom Foundational Truths

(The video you are listening to at the bottom of this  is from a previous KFT with instructions on how to participate)

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 This Broadcast  airs on the 
2nd Saturday of each month 
@ 10:00 am EST
Hosted  by 
Winston T. Lewis Jr. & Guest Hosts

An open conversation of Foundational truths that every Christian should know second nature. We will highlight the basic principles of faith while reserving the right to go deeper and  open discussion.  
Therefore and let us reason together! 

12 Foundational Truths

Foundational Truth I.   God, The Father -
Genesis 1:1; Psalms. 139:1-14  
Foundational Truth II.    Jesus, The Word, The Son -  John 1:1  John 1:14  Foundational Truth III.   The Holy Spirit - John 14:26 
Foundational Truth IV.   The Trinity -  
John 14:23
Foundational Truth V.    The Holy Bible -  
2Timothy 3:16 & 17
Foundational Truth VI.   Salvation -  
John 3:16
Foundational Truth VII.  
Love -  1Corinthians 13:1
Foundational Truth VIII.  Faith - 
Hebrews 11:1
Foundational Truth IX.    Prayer -  
Luke 18:1
Foundational Truth  X.   Giving -  
Luke 6:38
Foundational Truth  XI.  Angels - Holy -  
Psalms 103:20
Foundational Truth XII.  Heaven and Hell - 20 & 21


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An open conversation of Foundational truths that every Christian should know second nature. We will highlight the basic principles of faith the right to go deeper while open discussion. Therefore and let us reason together! Feel free to share and invite others.

What every Christian should know 
"Second Nature"
To participate:

1) Call  toll free # 1-844-755-KUMN (5866)and when prompted. 801
2)  Leave a brief message on the current foundational truth and include; Your name, What you believe it to be, what it is to you, and what you believe every Christian should know about it second nature
3) Also, leave your ministry information
and whether you'd like this mentioned on air by 6:00 pm EST, the Thursday prior to the broadcast


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