Monday Morning Pew: KFT and DTBM
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Monday Morning Pew: KFT and DTBM

Welcome to the revised Monday Morning Pew. This blog is established to review the events of spiritual happenings that occurred over the weekend in The Kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, beginning with Kingdom United Ministries Network. It also serves as an opportunity to testify of the the enlightenment, encouragement and edification  that you may have served or received this past weekend. Surely, if it was something good for you, it can also enrich someone else's life, after all, isn't that what the gospel is all about? Therefore, feel free to share!

On Saturday, January 10, 2015, Kingdom Foundational Truths continued with Kingdom Foundational Truth #3: the Holy Spirit, The Comforter and The Convictor. This episode featured the new format of expanded voices. This is where every believer has the opportunity to participate in the conversation concerning this basic Christian Foundational Truth. May it be clear, the cyber service in essence, is symbolic of a show of solidarity for those who believe in supporting and promoting unity in Christ's Kingdom. By participating, by voice or by attendance (clicking on the link to the website, live or archived) you are showing that you believe in Christ's vision of unity for His Kingdom.

The cyberservice itself featured the voices of Ambassadors Linda Moriah, Imani Lewis, Clinton Lewis and Quinton Lewis with  myself and Ambassador Sondra Lewis hosting. One very interesting point established was by Ambassador Linda when she spoke of how the Holy Spirit's extensive knowledge, of which every believer has access, is far more exhaustive than Google or the CIA! It must also be noted that though we who have been on this trek of faith for some time know these things second nature, to some, it may be brand new. We can't take for granted that every one knows this gospel, thereby the clarion call continues to resound. Another key point highlighted was when Ambassador Quinton spoke of the conviction aspect of the Holy Spirit. This is significant, due to the fact that this a component that his peers seem to lack more and more. This convicting power of the Holy Spirit can't be overlooked, because it is that power which can keep our youth from many of the incidents we decry when viewing news headlines of how so many youth are being exploited either due to their own volition or by perpetrators and predators which are all too pervasive in our communities.

On Dying To Be Married, we continued with the series Formulas For Resolutions, focusing on the aspect of how significant it is in considering the importance and potency of our own words as it pertains to being successful in achieving the resolutions we make. It was stated how the enemy would have us defeat our own selves (one of the most successful weapons used to deter humans), by cancelling out our declarations of resolution by finishing the sentence with 'how soon the resolution will be forgotten'. As it pertained to the platform of DTBM's focus, relationships, a significant point was made concerning the impact that our words have on our mates. Are you speaking words of construction or destruction? Note to ourselves: we have the power to change our situations for the better and the answer, check - solution, check-resolution, is right under our noses. So let the soul check stand.

So, what moved you spiritually this weekend? Let us know, "What's in your pew"?

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