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Monday Morning Pew

Blessed Monday Morning to all! This entry continues to report the happenings and proceedings of what occurred over the weekend in my swatch of Christiandom under the covering of Kingdom United Ministries Network. It is also an opportunity to recognize a King. Then, last but not least the invitation goes out for you to share what you've gained this past weekend during your spiritual trek.

As this past Saturday, January 17, 2015, marked the third of the weekend of the month which features Kept on Campus with Ambassadors Winston III and Quinton Lewis. This cyberservice featured their addressing "Never Ending Beginnings". They took the opportunity to reflect and project on this past year, then forecast the upcoming year and how to approach it. The program featured their usual Campus Quiz which provoked a few listeners to respond. It can't be stressed enough how important it is to have young, and yes, black men representing Christ and positivity on College campuses. In a climate with so many distractions , yet with so much pressure to succeed, it is a high priority to support these young students at such a critical juncture in their lives. They not only represent their race, gender and faith but of a generation who are searching to know who they truly are. This search includes every other demographic included to describe our souls.

Sunday evening featured KUMN's flagship cyberservice, Dying To Be Married with Winston and Sondra Lewis. Ambassador Sondra and I continued with the series, "Formulas for Resolutions" while presenting the subject of "Whether Conditions". This cyberservice featured an exhortation which took the opportunity to distinguish the weather forecast versus a "whether forecast", while offering the admonition to heed the information that forecasting provides - preparation. The main focus of the broadcast was to examine the implementing of formulas for keeping and maintaining resolutions, which  included a synopsis of formulas established by conditional statements marked by "if" and "then". These types of statements are the basis of how our mentalities are shaped, for example, "If I do this, then this will happen". Such conditions and the recognition (or the lack of recognition thereof) go undetected or under appreciated. Yet these condition play a vital role in how successful one will be, or not, in their endeavors.

As Jesus Christ is the King of Kings, one of those kings to be recognized is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As is the tradition, many  usually recognize the inspiring speeches and view the marches that he led. There is also a segment which asks the question to those who will recognize this moment by asking the questions, "What would Dr. King think of..." fill in the rest with what ever current event that has to do with civil rights, anything from the Michael Brown incident to the Eric Garner incident to the differentiation in the  handling of the Ebola virus, when Americans get the latest medication and the utmost health care contrasted with the lack of care and the thousands of Africans dying daily of the disease. There are even more nobler movements like programs which inspire people to volunteer to support and participate in some sort of service in their community. What I feel should really be an issue of focus for this time, would be how we can continue the legacy, everyday, that has already been established and how we can cause this legacy to evolve to an even higher and more productive one.

These are just a few  instance that affected my spirit this weekend, now, 'What's in your pew?'

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