Monday Morning Pew: A Weekend's Well-Spring of Hope
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Monday Morning Pew: A Weekend's Well-Spring of Hope

Blessed Monday morning to all. I want to take a moment to emphasize the call to unity. If you have heeded the call that The Holy Spirit has expressed concerning moving past denominational barriers and unifying, I'm imploring you all to participate by responding to this blog. There are pervasive plans of the enemy which mean to keep us as believers divided. These plans include every effort for us to only be concerned about things with our name on it or of what we're associated. They also include plans to keep birds of like feathers flocking together, or to have us not reach across the proverbial aisle to our fellow believer's because we may not get enough credit in doing so. One of the ways we offer as a remedy to such division is to invite you all to participate in our various conversations while we promote what you're doing as it pertains to ministry. This creates a win-win atmosphere for us all. As great a tool as social media is, we must be careful especially as believers not to fall for the ploy that we're effectively more social because we participate; in many instances these social outlets have made us more self absorbed and alienated. Self-absorbed because it allows us to create a world of our own, full of illusions, full of willing participants whom we want to agree with us or whom we can conveniently love to hate, while we unknowingly (or sometimes by choice) become alienated by the real people and real world around us. If you are of the ilk that really want to be a part of the revolution that means to make a real difference for the Kingdom of the True and Living GOD, then come and let us reason together. Let's start by discussing what we've gathered in the pews or where ever the spirit moved us this past weekend.

 This weekend featured KUMN's third Saturday cyber  service of Kept On Campus hosted by Ambassadors Winston III and Quinton K. Lewis, presenting the subject "March MANness" as a salute to manhood and Dying To Be Married With Winston and Sondra Lewis and the continuing Growing In Grace series, with the subject of "From The Root To The Fruit: The Process".  KOC established poignant points of why the knowledge of "true" manhood is necessary and the effects thereof. They also emphasized three very important components that every man should be. If I may echo the sentiments of The Heavenly Father himself, as was portrayed in the 3rd chapter of Matthew and the 17th verse, at Jesus' baptism, these are my beloved sons in whom I am well pleased. For the details of this profound and significant information listen to the whole broadcast at Koc: March MANness! .

On DTBM, the continuation of the series was preceded by an Exhortation which used the Welcome Spring transition as a platform to spread a message of hope. This message of encouragement comes at a time for those who need to hear a word of hope in what seems to be hopeless situations and for those whom you know who can use such uplifting, do them a favor and share this word with them DTBM: "From Root to Fruit: The Process". As the series continued, we looked at Paul's divinely given analogous of how one may plant while another may water, but ultimately it will be GOD who gives increase. We also took a look at the things which have attacked our relationship's growth at various stages, then how to prevent such invasions. 

These were just a few of the morsels that were expounded on this weekend, it still begs the question -- what's in your pew?

3 Comments to Monday Morning Pew: A Weekend's Well-Spring of Hope:

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Sondra L. on Monday, March 23, 2015 7:38 AM
Both of these broadcast were quite timely in addressing basic but often complex issues that are sometimes overlooked. For instance, in KOC the question dealing with the characteristics of manhood was presented and these three were presented; Responsibility, Accountability and Piety. In today's society, these three are rarely seen together if at all, yet when men follow the pattern in which Jesus laid in following him as his disciples and Pauls depiction of following him as he followed Christ, they are all inclusive. Young men can then "see" what a real man should be and their daughters will usually settle for nothing less. Not to mention wives who are more likely willing to subject to the missions of their husbands as God requires. In DTBM, we talked about the similarities of Spring both in seasons and in marriage. That the weeding, pruning and feeding process are just as important after a harsh season in our marriage as it is in a garden in order to produce healthy and fruitful growth. I know both broadcasts will bless those who listen.
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Debbie M on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 7:53 PM
This weekend was such a blessing, even as I hear the broadcast "From Root To Fruit". When we think of a flower bulb or any plant root that has laid dormant in the ground during wintertime, we see that being underground has protected it from the elements of the winter. But it continues to be nourished by the soil beneath during it's resting phase. This is how it is with us at times. Though things can seem dormant in our lives, we cannot allow ourselves to die of starvation. We have to nourish ourselves with the word of God, just as we do our physical being with food. And even more so during dormant winter like times. We have to be strong physically, mentally and most of all spiritually, during these times in order to have the energy to rise and stretch forth. Breaking through the earth to product strong stems, then green leaves, then fruit. If our branches or stems are weak, we will not be able to support the fruit on our branches. From root to fruit is a process that is not always an easy one. But God's nourishment is the perfect food for our spiritual being. Well able to develop us into the person he has created us to be according to our individual divine purpose. Spring is here indeed. With God's help we are able to revived near death situations that was just barely surviving, back to thriving with strength and with abundant fruit. The broadcast was definitely a blessing to me! God bless you both for your ministry and your dedication.
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Sondra L. on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 11:54 PM
So wonderful an analogy Sis Debbie and so true indeed. We are always blessed by the nuggets of truth you readily share and we thank you for your comments. Love you Sister!

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